Paul Gevaert (BE)

Youngsters from the best breeders

After forming one of the most successful tandems in Belgian pigeon racing with Gevaert-Lannoo, Paul Gevaert - following the passing of Carlos Lannoo - now focuses on races with young pigeons. Many first prizes up to provincial level and KBDB titles have followed, further enhanced by top references from all over the world. On PIPA, Paul presents young pigeons from three amazing breeding pairs in the 2024 auction, namely:
- 11th Nat. Ace KBDB Clooney x 1st prov. & 2nd Nat. Ace KBDB Ace Orleanske
- Brother Platina 91 x Rudia, parents of Ace Orleanske 1st prov. & 2nd Nat. Ace KBDB
- New Rudy 16 x Gina, parents of Clooney, 11th Nat. Ace KBDB

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