Leideman Brothers (NL)

Top class racing bird Victoria & youngsters of Goed Grijs

The full racing team of André and Bert Leideman was sold on PIPA in October, raising massive sums. The fanciers moved to their new home, taking only their breeding team with them. And this is the breeding team behind numerous victories and overall top results against thousands of birds, in races ranging from 100 to 750km. The Leideman Brothers were soon regarded the most all-round team in The Netherlands. PIPA asked André and Bert to host a special auction to close the auction season, and they were more than happy to.

In this auction we have the spectacular racing hen Victoria, winner of a 1st NPO Nanteuil over 467 km of 3,926 p. with a 7 minute lead. Her descendants were truly outstanding, with Starling as the big eye-catcher, winner of a 1st NPO Troyes of 509 km across 3,783 p. Victoria is a half sister of Enzo, a 1st Tessenderlo of 10,314 p. She will be auctioned off alongside other direct youngsters of the phenomenal Goed Grijs, winner of 7 first prizes, including a 1st NPO Laon 6,371 p., a 1st Duffel 5,821 p. with a 2 minute lead, a 1st Heusden Zolder 2,775 p., etc.
Youngsters and grandchildren of Goed Grijs have claimed many great results, including a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Natour WHZB/TBOTB 2019, a 1st s-prov. ace pigeon sprint 2019, a 1st Hannut 5,477 p. a 1st Venlo 4,429 p., a 1st Chimay 1,464 p., a 1st Chimay 1,006 p. (2nd fastest of 18,006 p.), and so much more.