Pieter Veenstra (NL)

Return Flojo Special

At the heart of Pieter Veenstra's colony is super pigeon Return Flojo. The winner of 1st Grand Average Ace Bird SAMPDR 2018, now ensures greatness on both the breeding and racing lofts. Her brothers and sisters such as Jappeloup, Cartier and Versace are also breeding wonders of which children have won many 1st prizes and NPO Top 10 spots, but also stand out on one loft races around the world. Currently, nearly every top racer at the Veenstra lofts has Return Flojo blood running through their veins. This auction contains a wonderful selection of the best children, (half)brothers and sisters to Return Flojo...absolute top lot is the last full brother to Return Flojo ever in auction...a son to Return Flojo x her own father and the first double grandchild to Return Flojo available in auction! 
To jest przyszła aukcja. Wszystkie gołębie będą widoczne, kiedy rozpocznie się licytacja.