Hok Reijnen-Bolton (NL-BE)

All of the best breeding and racing birds up until 2018, including National Winner Chateauroux BE 2019

Team Reijnen-Bolton is without doubt a big name in the one loft racing competition! They claimed as many as five podium spots in OLR ace pigeon championships over the past three years, and they have an exceptional number of top ten prizes in training races, car races and finals on their palmares as well! Their achievements in the lofts in Alphen (NL) and Beerse (BE) are equally remarkable. The absolute highlight came in 2019 of course, a 1st National Chateauroux in Belgium with Noë.

The Picasso pair was particularly crucial in this pigeon family; they have bred several generations of winners! And so did the bloodlines of their old stock pair Oude Bonte x Oude Kweekduif, the lines of Nikki of Willy Daniëls, Arie Dijkstra's Tinkelbel, Chateauroux Queen 1st NPO Chateauroux) from the Creator line of Spierings, Zagatto, De Brom etc. This makes for a top class pigeon collection, including OLR top breeders, provincial winners and 1st national winners.

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