Blackpool - Night of the stars (UK)

Public auction with exclusive young birds

Take a look at the pigeons that will be offered for sale in our annual Night With The Stars pigeon sale at the Blackpool show in Great Britain. These pigeons come from none other than some of the leading pigeon fanciers at international level: the PIPA Elite Center (youngster Golden Prince), Batenburg-Van De Merwe (youngsters of Lloyd & Jef), Jelle Jellema (youngsters of Romee & Rena), Mark Gilbert (youngster Southfield Hugo), Verweij-De Haan (youngster Milos), Jan Hooymans (youngster Harry Junior), Hok Jos Vercammen (youngster Didi), Crehan Team Hooymans UK (youngster Flash Harry), Derek Rooney (youngster Dam First Lady), Mike Ganus (youngster Sun City), PIPA Breeding (youngsters of Best Kittel, Junior & Shakira), Jelle Roziers (youngster Seven Junior), Mick Collins (youngster Donkere Leo), Leideman Brothers (youngster Golden Dream), Comb. Elzinga (youngster Prince Esmee), Jos Cools (youngster Remco), PIPA Breeding (youngster Best Kittel & kind Junior), Mike Ganus (youngster Sun City), Pieter Veenstra (youngster Blue Tornado).
You won't be able to place a bid online through PIPA. The auction takes place on 18th of January, and you will be able to join the bidding, just contact us at or 0032 472 71 77 28.

This is a public auction; for more information about the bidding, click here.

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