Hendrik Wilpers (DE)

Long Distance Collection

The German fancier Hendrik Wilpers houses a unique collection of extreme long distance pigeons. Hendrik has performed exceptionally well in the past years and PIPA has asked him to bring some of these quality pigeons in auction. All true collectors items, amongst which are 13 direct children to 1st International winners such as:

1 child Kleine Jade (1st Int. Barcelona)
2 children New Laureaat (1st Int. Barcelona)
4 children Special One (1st Int. Barcelona)
2 children Sumerian Figther (1st Int. Barcelona)
2 children Lloyd (1st Int. Barcelona)
1 child Helios (1st Int. Perpignan)
1 child Jef (1st Int. Barcelona)
...many more children to world class marathon pigeons can be found in this unique auction! 
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