Kees Nijeboer (NL)

Kleine Sola with quality racing pigeons

Kees Nijeboer’s Sola team is a real treasure proving its value for years now. Kees has brought the very best pigeons to his lofts, from among others, Verkerk, Veenstra and De Bruijn, and has bred a championship team that has gained fame far beyond national borders. The leader is Kleine Sola, from the crossing Veenstra (grandson Golden Blue) x Verkerk (daughter De Baron x Sola, sister Solange), 1st National Troyes against 17,351 pigeons. This giant is up for auction together with its top family of winners, including Master Sola (3rd & 4th NPO Chateaudun), Didi Sola (4x 1st prize) and several NPO top 10 winners.