Karlo Van Rompaey (BE)

Hattrick Special

When Karlo Van Rompaey won the national Bourges for the third time in 2015 with Hattrick, it was clear that this cock could become a new stock breeder. This was a promise that Hattrick has now absolutely fulfilled. The descendants of this cock with the exceptional LDHA genotype A / A DRD4 = CCCT win one victory after the other. Hattrick is now (grand)father of at least 25 (!) 1st prize winners, including 1st National Chateauroux against 33,056 pigeons (at Wijnand De Bruyn’s loft), and 1st National Souillac against 7,514 pigeons (at the loft of Casaert-Senechal). In auction: a very exclusive, direct, AA genotype son of Hattrick paired with PEC giant Boxster. Furthermore, three double grandchildren plus a number of grandchildren of this amazing bird.