Harold Zwiers (NL)

Exclusive group of youngsters from the best racers / breeders including youngsters from the 1st National Ace pigeon 2020 (Robin)

Harold Zwiers is an established top-level fancier in the Dutch marathon world. He has played at the highest level for many years and in 2020 he was again in the spotlight with Robin, winner 1st Nat. Bergerac 25,268 p. and 9th Nat. Perigueux 8,064 p. as a yearling. With these results, Robin claimed the title of 1st Nat. ace pigeon marathon WHZB / TBOTB 2020: a new highlight in a long list of victories and ace pigeons. In auction on PIPA six exclusive pigeons from super couplings:
- 1 child Deugniet (1st Zone & super breeder) x Miss Orange (1st NPO Orange & granddaughter Deugniet)
- 1 child Deugniet (1st Zone & super breeder) x winner 1st NPO Perigueux (granddaughter Deugniet)
- 2 children Jonge Deugniet (1st ace pigeon marathon North) x Veens Blauwtje (7th Nat.Ace pigeon WHZB)
- 2 children Red Dawn (1st Nat. S3 Perigueux) x Robin (1st Nat.Ace pigeon WHZB with 1st-9th Nat.)

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