Collectors items

International top-class pigeons

Children to stars - which are often not around anymore - or pigeons from renowned bloodlines which have become fantastic breeders. PIPA aims to track down these 'collectors items' and make them available in auction. In this auction, a beautiful selection of unique pigeons are on offer! The auction includes direct pigeons from the best of the PIPA Elite Center  (such as Porsche 911, Golden Prince, grandparents Porsche 911, Tarzan, Prince Porsche, Jana, etc.)... the best of Dehon-Demonseau (the sublime Best Kittel family)...from PIPA Breeding (children Best Kittel and Junior)...from Batenburg VD Merwe (children New Laureaat, Special One)...from Dirk Van Den Bulck (from the best breeders)...from Mike Ganus (from 1st Final Victoria Falls Classic)...and from Gaston Van De Wouwer and Joel Verschoot. 
Esta es una futura subasta. Todas las palomas serán visibles cuando la subasta comience.