Sangers Pigeons (NL)

Youngsters from Dirk van den Bulck & Stefaan Lambrechts breeders – only the best

Sangers Pigeons is a racing team well known for achieving fantastic results against large numbers of pigeons. To a large extent, responsible for these achievements are the Van Den Bulck and Lambrechts genes. And it’s for a very good reason that Sangers Pigeons’ collections of top-breeds pull off the best performances. They have Gold Dust and Angelina, Kittel’s two best breeding sisters in the world, but also Banksy from Kittel x his mother Olympic Rosita and several children of Kittel. Some more birds of great value in this loft are the sisters of Rosita and the children of the pairs Broer Goede Rode x 40,000 and her sister 9999. Stefaan Lambrechts’s input included mainly children and brothers and sisters of Lincia, but also children from the stock couple Blauw Gert x Van Loock hen. Newcomers at Sangers Pigeons are the children of Best Kittel and Daniël: the super-speed breeders of PIPA Breeding. Up for auction now on PIPA, a group of marvelous youngsters from the very best breeders.
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