Frans Bungeneers (BE)

Elena special

After taking a look at Frans Bungeneers’ 'Barcelona-palmares' nobody can dispute that Frans is rightly proclaimed the one and only true king of Barcelona. Frans’ dream took an ultimate turn when Queen Tonny won the 1st Nat. Barcelona in 2005, and the following period turned out to be full of successes! Even the brutal theft of almost all his top-racers did not prevent Frans from pursuing his dream… and so he got another top result in 2020, at his beloved Barcelona. Super pigeon Elena, the 1st Barcelona pigeon in the PIPA Ranking over 2 and 3 seasons, became Frans’ invaluable bird whose descendants lead to new successes. In the auction: some of the most important descendants of this top-hen, including youngsters from sons and daughters of Elena, and an inbred from a half-brother x a half-sister of Elena. Finally, a real jewel – one of the last children of Elena that will ever be sold.
Esta es una futura subasta. Todas las palomas serán visibles cuando la subasta comience.