Jan Hooymans (NL)

Team Hooymans UK

British fancier John Crehan and Dutchman Jan Hooymans have shown what friendship and mutual respect can lead to. Jan likes his pigeons to be put to the test in as many different locations as possible. He sends them in for one loft races across the globe and he also found a number of top players that were willing to put these pigeons, all born in the Hooymans lofts, to the test. Jan Hooymans also managed to get John Crehan on board, one of Great Britain’s leading names. They have been working together for a few years now, and their collaboration has been a major success story so far. Team Hooymans UK is one of the absolute best teams in Great Britain today with several national victories and impressive overall results to their name. We are selling a few gems from this pigeon family in a spectacular PIPA auction, all coming from the golden Hooymans bloodlines.
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