Karlo Van Rompaey (BE)

(Grand)children Hattrick paired to the best from PEC

An impressive 3x 1st National Bourges shine on the palmares of Karlo Van Rompaey. The 1st Nat. Bourges 2015 on account of Hattrick, also meant the rise of a new stock breeder. Offspring to this cock with the LDHA genotype A/A DRD4=CCCT perform exceptionally well and have won many 1st prizes, amongst which 2x 1st National. Especially the crossing with PIPA Elite Center pigeons result in offspring of outstanding quality. This auction consists of a beautiful selection of young birds bred from sons and daughters to Hattrick paired to the best from PEC, including the Porsche dynasty.  

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  • Bourges: 463 km
  • Laon: 173 km
  • Sezanne: 258 km
  • Argenton: 543 km
  • Chevrainvilliers: 344 km
  • Issoudun: 490 km
  • Montluçon: 534 km
  • Chateauroux: 514 km
  • Vervins: 143 km


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