Hugo Batenburg (NL)

Youngsters from the best breeders

Batenburg-Van De Merwe brings an exclusive round of youngsters to auction on PIPA. Hugo houses the best marathon colony in the world, including 1st Internationaal Barcelona winner New Laureaat, Special One, Jeff and Queen of The Night as absolute superstars. Children to the super pair 1st Int. Barcelona 2013 New Laureaat x 1st Int. Barcelona 2014 Kleine Jade have already resulted in gold and play an important role on Hugo his breeding lofts. In this auction; children from the best breeders, but also from various 1st. Nat. Ace pigeons and 1st (Inter)National winners such as Blue Ace 2018 (1st. Nat. Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance WHZB), Miss New Laureaat (1st Nat. Agen), Willeke (1st Int. St. Vincent), Sterre (1st Int. Narbonne hens), Peter (1st Nat. Narbonne), Britta Barcelona (1st Nat. Barcelona), Astrid (1st Nat. S2 Bordeaux) and De Jan (1st Nat. Agen).

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  • Pau: 1005 km
  • Agen: 912 km
  • Barcelona: 1164 km
  • Sint-Vincent: 1047 km
  • Marseille: 968 km
  • Narbonne: 964 km
  • Perpignan: 1024 km


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