Hardy Krüger (DE)

Youngsters from the best breeders

For years Hardy Krüger has been a leading figure in International pigeon sport. His pigeons shine around the world, whether it is at the Million Dollar race, the Hoosier Classic or the Victoria Falls Challenge. Time and time again the Krüger pigeons compete to win. Also on the National races across the world victories are booked with the bloodlines from this German allrounder. In a magnificent auction, Hardy offers youngsters from his best breeders...including the Black Power dynasty in which super son Black Diamond plays a prominent role, but also children to international icons such as Porsche 911 PEC and Kaasboer Van De Wouwer have shown to be valuable breeders. 

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  • Blois: 548 km
  • Pithiviers: 454 km
  • Sens: 401 km
  • Sezanne: 336 km
  • Poitiers: 701 km


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