Jelle Jellema (NL)

Youngsters of the best racing birds at Barcelona and Perpignan 2020

In the last few decades, nobody has quite managed to approach Jelle Jellema’s magnificent performance in 2020, in the 2 most iconic extreme long distance races, Barcelona & Perpignan.
A 1st national Barcelona and 2nd National Perpignan in 1 week – that’s normally more than enough to impress. But in Jelle’s case there is much more, and this limited summary doesn’t do justice to his incredible performance. Because it wasn’t just a 1st national Barcelona or a 2nd national Perpignan. The international pigeon sport was watching the results of an entire group of Jelle Jellema’s top-pigeons in absolute astonishment, both at Barcelona and at Perpignan. It’s absolutely unique that 1 fancier plays no less than 7 (!) pigeons in the top 60 internationally from Barcelona – one of the longest distances in the international competition, with crosswind and thunderstorms and temperatures up to 40 degrees in France and up to 36 degrees in southern Netherlands. What the Jellema team made out of this race was a magnificant hero’s journey that furthered still his worldwide acclaim. Experts of the Barcelona classic agree: what Jelle Jellema pulled off on Saturday 1 August 2020 will go down in the history books as one of the most iconic Barcelona performance of all time.

And as if this wasn’t already enough, a week later came the race from Perpignan. Here, too, temperatures up to 38 degrees in France and a light eastern wind that turned to a north-east in the Benelux, provided once more the conditions for a heroic performance. This time Jelle won the 2nd national with Lars and with 4 more pigeons in the top 40 national.

It is some of these top-pigeons that dominated Barcelona & Perpignan, which Jelle Jellema now offers at a PIPA auction – an exclusive group of youngsters, 11 birds, carefully bred from couples such as Lars (2nd National Perpignan) X Joyce (39th National Perpignan) or New Rena (7th Nat. Barcelona), from Noud X Nora, respectively 24th and 40th national Barcelona and both grandchildren Silke (1st National Barcelona). Youngsters from Jelle's best racing pigeons, at the peak of his career, are presented in this auction.

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