PIPA Breeding (BE)

Children of Best Kittel, Best Kittel II, Junior, Daniel, Mother Best Kittel, Mother BK II, Shakira, National Ace Hen, Mother Daniel

4 X 1st national ace pigeon sprint KBDB in a period of 6 years, all bred from one closely related family. Dehon-Demonseau won the 1st national ace pigeon sprint KBDB in 2015-2017-2019 and 2020. In the years when they didn’t win the 1st prize, they won the title of 2nd (2018) and 4th (2016) national ace pigeon. The leader of this family is Best Kittel, who won the title of 1st National Ace Pigeon in 2017, which was only a year after he had already won 4th National Ace Pigeon. In the meantime, and after moving to PIPA Breeding, he has evolved, in three years time, into a superb breeder and his direct children Best Kittel II & Junior have won 1st and 2nd national ace pigeon KBDB respectively. Altogether, Best Kittel is already father & grandfather of at least 50 X 1st prize winners, in more than 20 different lofts. The Best Kittel family excels at the One Loft Races, too. In 2020, PIPA Breeding took part in only 1 One Loft Race: Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. There, 3 different pigeons, all from the Best Kittel family won the following titles: both the 3rd (direct child Best Kittel) and the 5th Ace pigeon Grand Average, plus the 13th place in a tough final of 544 km. In 2020, in Pattaya OLR, the brothers Al Kandari won 18th in the final with a grandchild BK. In 2021, Freddy Coppens won 23rd in the final Pattaya with 50% Best Kittel. Petrus van Eeden, in South Africa, won 1st place in HS 3 in the last edition of the SAMDPR with a grandchild BK.
In this auction, we aim to bring together a unique group of youngsters, coming from a pairing of a top cock of the BK family with one of the top hens of the same family, of which the most beautiful pigeons were selected.