Dean Pallatt (UK)

Jelle Jellema Extreme Distance Special

Dean Pallat brings once again to our auction a unique selection of youngsters from his collection of direct Jelle Jellema breeders. Dean owns, without a doubt, the most valuable Jellema collection in the world. In his lofts you will find practically all the direct children of every single top-bird. In this fantastic auction: the wonderful offspring of these top-birds’ children: 1st Int. Barcelona winner and top breeder Kleine Jade, Olympiad and 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Romee, 3rd Int. Barcelona winner and top breeder Silvie, MG430, breeder of 1st Nat. Barcelona 2020 Silke and more top racers, and the stock breeder Zwart Goud, Rena, Jill, 969 Son Zwart Goud and Silka, superb racer and brother of Silke, 1st Nat. Barcelona 2020, 2nd Int. Jl. Narbonne 2016 and grandmother 15th-24th-40th Nat. Barcelona 2020. And last but not least, descendants of Last Saffier and his daughter Miss Saffier, winner of 1st Int. hens & 2nd Int. Pau 2019.

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