Stijn & Jeroen Rans (BE)

Youngsters/sisters/brothers of the best breeders

In recent years, the Rans brothers from Wijgmaal have firmly established themselves at the top of the (inter)national extreme long distance. The national victory from Pau and Perpignan (2017) and the magnificent international victory from Barcelona (2019) made them specialists of the marathon. Their superman, Jef, became world famous with the 1st Int. Barcelona 2019 and is now top breeder at Batenburg-VD Merwe PEC. In a marvelous auction on PIPA: several grandchildren of Jef and of Eddy (father Jef) x sister Jef… but also children from the couples
- Frans (1st Nat. Perpignan & top breeder) x daughter Jef
- Frans (1st Nat. Perpignan & top breeder) x Rikie (mother 1st Nat. Pau)
- Stan (11th Nat. Marseille) x Linn (78th Nat. Marseille)
- Son Jef x Chanti, 2nd Nat. Valence & half-sister Jef
- Ed (grandfather 1st-11th-16th-25th-37th-37th-45th Nat.) X Daughter 4th Nat. Barcelona (mother 11th -16th -78th nat)
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