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It was a big blow to the pigeon world when Roger Mylle passed away at the beginning of August 2020. He was playing once more a super season, as everyone was used to in recent years. Long distance and extreme long distance were the chosen fields of action for the Mylle pigeons. Roger managed to reach the national podium in 2019 as 14th Nat. champion KBDB, and he achieved the 9th Nat. with super-bird Bagatelli, Ace Pigeon Long Distance and Extreme Long Distance JL KBD. A year earlier, he had already won with Ata the title of 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance and Extreme Long Distance JL KBDB. In that same year, he had also won with Pau-Joël the 1. Best Perpignan pigeon in Belgium over 2 years (PIPA ranking) in 2018, something that he had already previously achieved with "St. Vincent". Although Roger wasn’t there anymore to see this for himself, it was clear that his pigeon family paid a posthumous tribute to their deceased owner by classifying themselves as 9th Nat. champion Long Distance Jl KBDB, 13th General champion KBDB and 21st Nat. champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB, in 2020.

The Roger Mylle pigeons are real top-class and in high demand from very far abroad. With his death, his life's work is now up for auction: a collection of top-breeders, super-racers, and sensationally promising birds. The leaders in this auction, of course Bagatelli (9th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB with 7th and 13th Nat.) and St. Vincent (1st Belgian St. Vincent pigeon over 3 years PIPA Ranking and 1st Int. St. Vincent pigeon over 2 years) ... old top racers and quality breeders, such as De Mathieu, De Libello, De Francis and the stock breeder De Labeeuw… but also big talents, such as Zorro (3x top 40 National) and Blauwen Crack (12th and 39th National). This is going to be a super auction of a legendary pigeon friend who breathed his last at the peak of his glory.

Loft Roger Mylle, Belgian top-performer from 500-1000 Km

1. Best Perpignan pigeon of Belgium over 2 years 2017-18 (with Pau Joël)
1. Best St.Vincent pigeon International over 2 years 2015-161. Best St.Vincent pigeon Belgium over 3 years 2014-15-16
1. Best St.Vincent pigeon Belgium over 2 years 2015-16

1. Provincial Ace-Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010 (with Libello)
5. Nat Ace Long Dist & Extreme Long Dist YL KBDB 2018 (with Ata)
5. Nat Champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2016
9. Nat Ace Long Dist & Extreme Long Dist YL KBDB 2019 (with Bagatellie)
9. National Champion Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2020
11. Nat Ace Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2016
13. General Champion KBDB 2020
14. Nat Champion Long Dist & Extreme Long Dist YL KBDB 2019
21. National Champion Extreme Long Dist. Old KBDB 2020
1. Provincial Narbonne 527 p. 2014 (with Pau Joël)
1. Provincial Gueret 3.318 p. in 2012
1. Provincial La Châtre 1.615 p. in 2011 (with Jonas)
1. Provincial Montluçon 1.840 p.
1. Nat Zone Gueret 7.174 2012
2. National Pau 2.338 p. in 2011
2. National Montluçon 14.230 p.
2. Provincial Perpignan 937 p. in 2017 (with Pau Joël)
2. Prov Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB West-Fl 2016
2. Best pigeon of Belgium Extreme Long Dist. – 3 Intnat races 2016
2. Ace pigeon Jan Breydel Marathon 2016
3. Provincial Ace Long Distance YL KBDB 2019
4. Best European pigeon Extreme Long Dist – 3 races 2016


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  • Limoges: 602 km
  • Valence: 662 km
  • Cahors : 753 km
  • Brive: 639 km
  • Narbonne: 851 km
  • Perpignan: 910 km
  • Agen: 787 km
  • Pau: 876 km
  • Barcelona: 1047 km
  • Sint-Vincent: 913 km
  • Libourne: 707 km
  • Tulle: 594 km
  • Jarnac: 618 km