JP Palm (BE)

1st Prov. Ace pigeon KBDB & youngsters 'Olympic Bourges' + parents

Jean Pierre & Yvette Palm have been present with many years of superb performances, but at the end of 2018, they put a wonderful cherry on the cake. Their pigeon Olympic Bourges (BE16-1109229) represented Belgium in cat. B and accomplished the smallest coefficient ever! An amazing achievement!! In an exclusive auction of top quality, Jean-Pierre and Yvette bring among others La Chateauroux (1st prov. Ace pigeon sprint KBDB and 11th nat. Châteauroux 27,081 p. in 2018) and Blauwe 712 (1st prize winner and 2nd prov. Chateauroux)… plus 3 children, a brother, and a sister of Olympic Bourges.

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