Arie Dijkstra (NL)

Youngsters of the best breeders and racers

Arie Dijkstra has been a phenomenon in the Low Countries for a long time, in distances ranging from short and up to the longest. His first prizes and championships are the result of the well-known pigeon stock that Arie built up in the late 1960s. The couple Leonardo x Tinkelbel is regarded worldwide as one of the best in the international pigeon sport. Their offspring still dominate every year, both at home and abroad. Up for auction: children from Arie’s best breeders, and almost all of them carved out of the famous Dijkstra line. You will find children of super couples like:
- Troy x Sandra (descendants win at least 7x 1st)
- Octavia (descendants win at least 10x 1st prize) x own daughter Silver Eleven
- Rocking Blue x Gastorina, grandparents 2nd NL Olympiad pigeon and 3rd Worlds Best Pigeon
- Pancho 453 x Pancho’s Baby (half brother x half sister Jempy Hebberechts)
- Powerplay (3rd Nat. Cock) x Milla (3x 1st prize)
- Gregor (1st prov. Ace pigeon) x Blaze (1st prov. Ace pigeon)
- Joshua (4x 1st) x Cosmic (1st s-prov. Ace pigeon)
- Hugo (father 5x 1st prize, son Leonardo x Tinkelbel) x The Last One (top daughter Leonardo)
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