Team BDS (BE)

Children of Double Kaasboer & 1st National winners

Team BDS is known for the enormous quality in their (breeding) lofts. In a special auction they offer a group of very exclusive pigeons: including 3 very special youngsters from joint breeding BDS with PIPA Elite Center. We are talking about no less than 3 children of Double Kaasboer, the 1st Nat. yearling long distance (PIPA ranking - across 3 National long distance flights) coupled to among others Mother Charlie (1st yearling Belgium long distance PIPA Ranking), Spyder 006 (super sister Porsche 911) and De 309 (1st Nat. Zone Limoges). Also exclusive: the children of Double Kaasboer with daughter 2x 1st Nat. Agen winners and with a half sister of 1st Nat. winner New Neymar from Norbert Ally. Moreover, for sale at the auction: a son of 11th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB x 6th Tulle pigeon '18 -'19… 2 children of Mister Pau (1st Nat. Pau 2018) x Magic 380 (3x top 100 Int. hens)… 2 children of Mister Pau (1st Nat. Pau 2018) x Lady Narbonne (1st Nat. Narbonne Jl.)… And a son of Speedo (father 6th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB) x Lady Agen (1st Nat. Agen).

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  • Chateauroux: 483 km
  • Gueret: 552 km
  • Argenton: 512 km
  • Blois: 412 km
  • Tours: 450 km
  • Chateaudun: 360 km
  • Montluçon: 522 km
  • Bourges: 442 km
  • La Souterraine: 550 km
  • Clermont: 197 km
  • Poitiers: 564 km
  • Jarnac: 645 km
  • Limoges: 629 km
  • Tulle: 620 km
  • Vierzon: 434 km
  • Agen: 813 km
  • Pau: 903 km
  • Narbonne: 875 km


Middle distance