Jos Martens collection

Youngsters of Helios, André, Hyperion & Dark Knight

In this exclusive PIPA auction, a top class collection of direct Jos Martens pigeons from his best racing and breeding birds will be offered for sale by a third party. Jos Martens is one of the big names of pigeon racing in the long distance in Southern Limburg, who earned his stripes over the years. He enjoyed the taste of victory again in 2018, winning yet another international classic - his third international win in ten year’s time! His palmares now includes a 1st Int. Tarbes 2010 and 1st Int. Marseille 2015, as well as a 1st International in a demanding classic from Perpignan, with a velocity of 816 m/min. This tough race was won by Helios.
In this auction we are selling youngsters of 1st Int. Marseille André, of Super Kweker 673 (the sire of 1st-1st-2nd Nat. ace pigeons), of national star Dark Knight, and of course brothers/sisters and youngsters of his 1st Nat. ace pigeon & 1st Int. winner Helios.
This is an upcoming auction. All pigeons will be visible when bidding starts.