Davy Tournelle (BE)

Youngsters of the best breeders and racers

With Tiësto, Torres, and the Mila family, Davy Tournelle has established a pigeon line with a very solid foundation. His sublime team guarantees great success time and again, exceeding all expectations in 2020. Argenton won the 1st National, Gueret the 2nd National, and a few weeks later he did it again with 1st and 2nd National Tulle yearlings. Davy is definitely at the height of his fame, and he is offering youngsters from his best breeders and racers. In auction: a brother of Beauty Lagoon (2nd Belgian grand middle distance pigeon) and Magik Tiesto (1st-3rd-8th-10th I.prov.)… the first children ever of Torres Blue (1st Tulle racer Belgium '18 - '19 with, among other victories, 1st Nat. Zone) x Miss Torres (1st Nat.) ... but also children of Tevez (super breeder, son Tiesto), from parents Torres Blue (1st Tulle racer Belgium '18 -'19 including 1st Nat. Zone), from parents Miss Torres (1st Nat. & 1st Nat. Zone winner), from father Tiesto's Ace (1st Nat. Ace pigeon LCB), from Tiesto's Lady (1st Nat. Argenton and 3rd Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB) and from Queen Of Prime (1st Nat.Ace pigeon short middle distance KBDB).

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  • Orléans/Saran: 405 km
  • Bourges: 468 km
  • Blois: 461 km
  • Argenton: 547 km
  • La Souterraine: 583 km
  • Gueret: 579 km
  • Montluçon: 539 km
  • Nevers: 458 km
  • Vierzon: 467 km
  • Chateauroux: 518 km
  • Brive: 692 km
  • Tulle: 644 km
  • Limoges: 661 km
  • Jarnac: 695 km
  • Momignies: 118 km
  • Soissons: 205 km
  • Nanteuil: 259 km
  • Toury: 380 km
  • Salbris: 447 km
  • Vichy: 544 km
  • La Chatre: 533 km
  • Moulins: 501 km
  • Sens: 328 km
  • Laon: 176 km


Middle distance