Jan Hooymans (NL)

Youngsters of the best breeders

One of the most influential pigeons in modern day pigeon racing is Harry of Jan Hooymans, at first in the loft of the grandmaster himself and eventually in pigeon lofts across the globe. Jan Hooymans created his entire racing team around descendants of his iconic breeder. And such talented pigeons like New Harry and Harry Junior easily filled the void when Harry took his final breath. We are now selling a selection of pigeons from most of his best breeders and a group of top class racing birds. We have youngsters of his world class stock breeder New Harry, his sire Beauty Harry and Harry Junior on offer, as well as youngsters of Brave Harry (1st Nat. Chateaudun), of Son Cees (1st NPO Chateaudun), of Solo Warrior (1st Nat. Ancenis), of the sire 1st Nat. Nanteuil x dam 1st Nat. ace pigeon middle distance WHZB, of the parents of 2nd final Allflight Carnival OLR, and of the grandparents of National Harry (1st-2nd-2nd Nat.) of Hendriks, and many others.
This is an upcoming auction. All pigeons will be visible when bidding starts.