Tom Van Gaver (BE)

Youngsters of his best breeders

No other pigeon fanciers in Belgium have made it to the top more quickly than Tom and Marnik Van Gaver, and they raised the bar even further in 2020. This season, they claimed a national victory, 4 zonal victories, 2 provincial wins and 3 national ace pigeon titles (to be confirmed), and they are likely to add a few more ace pigeon titles allround to their palmares as well. Tom’s pigeon family proved particularly resilient in this short but sweet corona season, and this led to many great results across all categories and all distances. Most of us are already familiar with Tom’s recipe for success: achieving great results with the same pigeons every single week, in races of up to 750km. The core of this pigeon family consists of the two iconic birds FINN and RICKY, which have bred numerous highly successful racing birds both at home and for other pigeon lofts. The icing on the cake was a title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon in the national young birds’ races with “Finnman” for their good friend Philip De Maeseneer; this title went to a grandson of FINN. We are selling a group of youngsters from their best breeders on PIPA. These pigeons have been outstanding in the national races every single week, demonstrating their potential time and time again.

Tom en Marnik hebben er een super 2020 op zitten met voorlopig volgende hoogtepunten:

2. Nat Champion Long Distance KBDB 2020 (with Little Ricky, Dark Ricky, Blue Finn & Sweet 16)
5. Nat Ace Heavy Middle Long Distance Youngsters 2020 (Dark Ace)

8. Nat Ace Long Distance Old birds 2020 (Blue Finn)
11. Nat Ace Heavy Middle Long Distance Old birds 2020 (Adrien)

Candidate top 10 Nat Ace bird All-round 2020 Old/Yl (Little Ricky)

Candidate top 10 Nat Ace bird All-round 2020 Youngsters (Brother Finn)

1. Nat 4.238 birds & fastest of 7.993 birds Brive 2020 (Tetske)
1. Nat Zone 2.860 birds & fastest of 7.488 birds Issoudun 2020 (Adrien)
1.-2.-4.-5. Nat Zone 4.458 birds & fastest of 4.755 birds Chateauroux III 2020 (Dark Ace)
1. Nat Zone 859 birds Valence 2020 (Blue Finn)
1. Ace Pigeon Belgium long distance old birds 7 races (Blue Finn)
1.-2.-3. Ace Pigeon Belgium long distance yearling birds 5 races (Big Ricky)


Some of their best results in 2020:

Souillac – 695 km –  velocity 1,215 m/min

Club 129 Old birds: 1-2-3-etc.
Nat 6,668 Old birds: 6-24-26-392-450-828-1209-1591 (8/10)

Brive – 665 km - velocity 1,266 m/min

Club 248 old birds: 1-2-5-10-16-18-28-36-etc (11/14)
Nat 3,755 old birds: 46-73-116-162-227-252-386-etc (11/14)

Club 258 YL birds: 1-2-6-7-10-11-31-34-etc. (15/19)
Nat 4,238 YL birds: 1-15-64-101-117-127-365-etc. (15)19)

Valence – 675 km – velocity 1,016 m/min

Nat Zone A2 859 Old birds: 1-4-13-25-46-62-283 (7/8)
Nat 7.591 Old birds: 32-52-122-244-etc.

Argenton – 514 km – velocity 1,108 m/min

Club 360 Old birds: 1-2-3-7-8-12-43-45-etc. (14/19)
Nat Zone 4,574 Old birds: 18-19-21-55-63-96-376-413-465-etc.

Nat Zone 7,262 YL birds: 24-29-48-109-112-191-222-233-247-359-382-395-742-764-etc (30/37)

Limoges II – 632 km – velocity 1,259 m/min

Club 272 Old birds: 2-3-4-5-9-17-etc (11/15)
Nat 10.319 Old birds: 58-79-138-192-364-618-etc.
Prov. 2.945 YL birds: 14-36-86-102-113-115-222-353-391-481-621-etc. (19/26)
Nat 9.756 birds: 52-119-279-317-361-363-etc.

Chateauroux Youngsters III – 485 km – velocity 1,266 m/min

Nat Zone 4,458 birds: 1-2-4-5-53-159-173-200-340-360-etc…

Sermaises Youngsters – 318 km – velocity 1,254 m/min

Verbond Midden Waas 1,339 birds: 4-5-6-10-18-19-26-30-31-etc.

This is an upcoming auction. All pigeons will be visible when bidding starts.