Karlo Van Rompaey (BE)

Top class racing birds and inbred grandchildren of Hattrick, 1st Nat. Bourges and top breeder

The palmares of Karlo Van Rompaey from Sint-Truiden is nothing short of impressive, and he gained international recognition as the winner of a 3 x 1st National Bourges. Who thinks he can do better? Karlo made a fresh start after his sensational old birds’ auction on PIPA, and it appears that his breeding team is almost programmed to achieve great success. The descendants of Hattrick, winner of a 1st Nat. Bourges of 14,449 p. (fastest of 60,059 p.), have been particularly valuable in Karlo’s team as well as for many other fanciers.

We are selling a group of racing birds and inbred grandchildren to super class breeder Hattrick. A grandchild of Hattrick won a 1st National Chateauroux of 33,056 pigeons in 2019, and another grandchild went on to win a 1st National Souillac of 7,514 pigeons in 2020. Other descendants have won a 1st provincial Melun (8,104 p.), a 1st provincial Argenton (1,594 p.), a 10th National Argenton (21,915 p.), a 12th National Bourges (17,969 p.), a 32nd National Bourges (24,069 p.), a 38th National Chateauroux (20,800 p.), etc. And his grandchildren have demonstrated their potential in a number of one loft races as well, with for instance a 1st of 2,667 pigeons in the first hotspot of the Victoria Falls and a 2nd place in the Algarve semi-final of 3,915 p. This pigeon also won an 8th of 4,081 p. and a 183rd of 4,305 p. in this OLR in 2020.

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  • Bourges: 463 km
  • Laon: 173 km
  • Sezanne: 258 km
  • Argenton: 543 km
  • Chevrainvilliers: 344 km
  • Issoudun: 490 km
  • Montluçon: 534 km
  • Chateauroux: 514 km
  • Vervins: 143 km


Short distance