Decru-Devriendt (BE)

Total sale

Gilbert Devriendt and his son Dirk, racing together as Decru-Devriendt, have been a household name in West Flanders for more than half a century. The combination has had quite a few very successful seasons, winning for instance several provincial victories. The bloodlines from such renowned fanciers like Gaston Van de Wouwer from Berlaar, Willy Claeys from Handzame, Roose-Pyra from Bekegem and Norbert Ally from Aarsele enabled this team to achieve many great results, especially in the middle distance (up to 450km). But Gilbert has turned 91 and he has had some health problems, which is why the successful combination has decided to end their lengthy career. The good news is that we have a fantastic pigeon family on offer, packed with race winners and ace pigeons. This is a chance of a lifetime.