Chris Debacker (BE)

Nick Special

Chris Debacker can look back on a successful couple of seasons, in which he claimed several provincial victories. Chris has set his mind on developing the perfect pigeon family. And his efforts have paid off: he won a 1st Nat. Gueret in 2018, he had three national ace pigeons in 2019 and he did even better in 2020, with a 5 x 1st provincial in four weeks’ time and a long list of new references.
De Debacker breed became his life’s work and the centerpiece of Nick’s pigeon family. This fantastic stock breeder originates from the Bliksem Vandenabeele strain. His youngsters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have allowed Chris to perform at a very high level over the past several years. And many of his ace birds and his best racing birds are related to stock breeder Nick, even in other lofts. This auction brings you all the exponents of this fantastic Nick, bred from his best youngsters, his double grandchildren etc. These birds are particularly suited to be crossbred with other prestigious bloodlines. An exclusive PIPA auction.

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  • Fontenay: 307 km
  • Chateaudun: 343 km
  • Orléans/Saran: 343 km
  • Clermont: 180 km
  • Chateauroux: 467 km
  • Tours: 434 km
  • Tulle: 604 km
  • Arras: 76 km
  • Blois: 395 km
  • Argenton: 495 km
  • La Souterraine: 534 km


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