Alpdag brothers (TR)

Armando Special

In their never-ending search for top quality pigeons, the Alpdag brothers from Turkey surrounded themselves with several talented descendants of the amazing Armando of Joël Verschoot. This legendary bird with a sensational palmares (1nd-2nd-2nd-10th national) became 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2018 (with a record coefficient), 1st Olympiad Pigeon and 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2017. He was transferred to the lofts of Chinese pigeon collector Kai Er for more than 1,200,2000 euro, where he went on to breed several provincial winners and successful racing birds. The Alpdag Brothers are selling a special selection of exponents of the Armando family in an exclusive PIPA auction.

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