Dean Pallatt (UK)

Jelle Jellema Extreme Distance Special

The English breeding Sensation Dean Pallatt has built one of the rarest and most complete collection of direct Jelle Jellema pigeons in the world, bred from all Jelle's best breeding and racing birds. This means he has one of the absolute best extreme long distance bloodlines in his unique collection.
Within Dean’s first year his breeders was responsible for “Miss Saffier” winner of 1st Int Pau Hens 2019 and 2nd Int Pau against 12119 pigeons both descendants of “Last Saffier” and “Son Zwart Goud 716”
Dean has put together a complete round of youngsters from. All his best breeders…
The very best bloodlines featured extensively in this prestigious auction including lines of MG430, Olympic Romee, Kleine Jade, Saffier, Dirke, Orion, Silke, Jill, Dafne, Miss Saffier, Rika, Special One, and the list just goes on and on…
This is an upcoming auction. All pigeons will be visible when bidding starts.