Kai Er (CN)

Youngsters from exclusive breeders, including the only youngster ever bred from Armando X Nadine

The world famous Kai Er has probably the most impressive collection of breeding birds worldwide. He was able to obtain the most expensive pigeon ever, Joel Verschoot's Armando, and he also purchased the second most expensive pigeon of that auction, Contador. At the record auction of Gaby Vandenabeele, Kai Er got his hands on the world famous Rudy, a fantastic son of Bliksem, and stock breeder Royal Blue. And he has perhaps the two best best racing hens ever in his exclusive pigeon collection: Nadine of Willy Daniëls, as well as Cameron of Luc Sioen, which was added just recently. A fantastic collection of youngsters from this highly regarded breeding loft will be sold on PIPA, including the first and only youngster ever to be sold from Armando x Nadine. A pair of young birds will be sold in BIS, which means the buyer gets to decide which of the two he takes home.