Jos Vercammen (BE)

Youngsters of his best breeders

Jos and Lars Vercammen do not really need an introduction. The whole pigeon racing community knows who they are; they are a highly respectable name among friends and foes alike. Their descendants of 'Elektro' and 'Mustang' have repeatedly driven their opponents to despair, especially in more demanding conditions, because that is when the Vercammen birds really shine. The Vercammen breed showed their class again in 2019. They started with a 1st and 3rd provincial Limoges, followed by an impressive finale, with 6 pigeons finishing in the national top 11 in Chateauroux of 2,850 old birds. Youngsters of all of their best breeding and racing birds will be sold in auction on PIPA; this is a unique opportunity for anyone fond of top quality birds.
This is an upcoming auction. All pigeons will be visible when bidding starts.