Jan Hooymans (NL)

New Harry Special – Inclusive exclusive child New Harry X Alexia

With the death of stock breeder Harry, the breeding loft of Jan Hooymans is now largely centered around the new phenomenon New Harry. He was himself winner of 3 first prizes in big races (14,737 p. - 12,894 p. - 1,046 p.) and he is now a breeding cock with countless references to his name; numerous first prizes and top 10 prizes NPO were won in 2019 alone. This terrific bird gained the status of super class breeder in a record time, as such following in the footsteps of his grandfather Harry. We are selling a fantastic group of descendants of the new Harry dynasty in a spectacular auction.

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  • Argenton: 640 km
  • Blois: 548 km
  • Bourges: 563 km
  • Chateauroux: 611 km
  • Quiévrain: 190 km
  • Pont St. Maxence: 337 km
  • Troyes: 399 km
  • Asse - Zellik: 124 km
  • Gien: 494 km
  • Melun: 395 km


Middle distance
Long distance