Sangers Pigeons (NL)

Youngsters of the best Dirk van den Bulck & Stefaan Lambrechts breeders

Superstar Marcel Sangers has been one of the leading names in pigeon racing in The Netherlands for several years now. He did particularly well in recent years after having invested in descendants of the best Van Den Bulck bloodlines: Kittel, Broer Goede Rode x Golden Leo 4000, Goede Rode, Olympic Rosita, New Kittel, Greipel, etc. The team also invested in pigeons of Stefaan Lambrechts, which are mainly descendants of the Lincia dynasty. As a result, Sangers Pigeons now has one of Europe's most valuable Van Den Bulck & Lambrechts pigeon collections, and they have an excellent palmares as well! Marcel is selling a group of youngsters, most of which stem from inbred pairings of his very best breeders. This spectacular auction is a unique opportunity for fanciers that are fond of top quality birds.
This is an upcoming auction. All pigeons will be visible when bidding starts.