Mike Ganus (USA)

Youngsters of his best breeders

Mike Ganus is one of the most iconic names in international pigeon racing. He surrounded himself with a team of One Loft Race stars with uparalleled potential! Mike developed this pigeon family to reach his ultimate goal: winning the Million Dollar Race. Mike claimed victory already in 2016 with Laura Is A Big Winner Today, and he continued to win top prizes over the years, mainly in the Million Dollar Races and the Victoria Falls Classic. Mike also obtained the winner of the 2018 Million Dollar Race just recently. In this auction we have a very special group of youngsters of his best OLR breeding and racing birds. We have youngsters of his Million Dollar winners Untamed Desert and Sanjay 1 on offer, and youngsters of Said In Spun Silver (2nd final), Sylth Orpheus (2nd final) and of the fantastic Sun City, breeder of two Million Dollar final winners. This is an international top class breed!
This is an upcoming auction. All pigeons will be visible when bidding starts.