Jelle Roziers (BE)

Youngsters of his best breeders

The PIPA auction of Jelle Roziers from late 2018, in which he sold pigeons from his best breeders, was a major success. He had an average sale price of almost 7,000 euro, which illustrates the popularity of the Roziers pigeons. And they deserve to be popular: Jelle has been winning national first prizes and ace pigeon titles season after season with the young birds, which is his favourite competition. His many top results can be attributed to a solid team of breeders. Jelle could not have dreamt of a better breeder than Queen L; everything she touches turns into gold. And his direct Geerinckx pigeon Whity Bart has grown to become quite a successful breeder as well. Jelle is selling a group of pigeons from his best breeders.

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  • Bourges: 477 km
  • La Souterraine: 591 km
  • Issoudun: 502 km
  • Gueret: 588 km
  • Chateauroux: 525 km
  • Vierzon: 474 km
  • Orléans/Saran: 408 km
  • Blois: 462 km
  • Argenton: 554 km


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