Verweij-de Haan (NL)

Milos special with probably the first youngster ever from Milos x Miss Milos

The world class pigeon breed of Michel Verweij and Peter De Haan has shown its potential repeatedly in the international classics. The descendants of the Toon dynasty and other top breeders like Olympic Heintje have managed to excel season after season both in the afternoon and morning releases. Balotelli became world famous as the winner of a 1st Nat. Bordeaux, and other champions such as Milos, Red Rose and Batman have done great as a racing or breeding bird as well. A group of youngsters from all of the best breeders and racing birds of Verweij-De Haan will be put up for auction. Especially for this event Michel and Peter will be sellling two youngsters in bis, and these are in fact the very first youngsters from Milos x Miss Milos.
10 lots in this auction
Part 1
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