Johan Halman (NL)

Miss Overegge Special

In 2015 fanciers across The Netherlands held their breath as the outstanding NL14-1499725 of Johan Halman continued to win first prizes for weeks on end, an unprecedented feat in The Netherlands. She claimed three first prizes in May, including a 1st NPO Sens of 8,211 pigeons, and she has been at the centre of attention ever since. She went on to win a 1st NPO Souppes 6,892 pigeons on 6th of June, followed by a 1st Provincial province Friesland of 12,996 pigeons the following week. She is now a sensational racing bird across the globe. Miss Overegge eventually moved to Pieter Veenstra's collection, where she bred the winner of a 1st NPO Issoudun with an 11 minute lead. This pigeon was sold on PIPA for 158,000 EURO just recently, making her the 2nd most expensive hen ever to be sold online, after Dolce Vita. Johan Halman is now selling a full sister and a half brother of Miss Overegge, along with the winner of a 1st Prov. Chimay of 11,301 pigeons.