Chris Debacker (BE)

Racing birds + youngsters of his best breeders

Chris Debacker has won quite a number of provincial victories in 2017: three from Fontenay and one from Orléans, Tulle and Chateaudun. Chris lives up to his reputation as Mr. Provincial, adding another six provincial first prizes to his palmares. His stock breeder Nick (Vandenabeele x Cools) has played an essential role in most of these top prizes, and he marked the start of a highly successful collaboration with Rik Cools, which has led to great results for both fanciers. Chris is now selling his prize winners Zoran, Abselem, Bertha and Bianca in a top class auction, along with a group of youngsters from Amigo, Valbert, Tilly, Ulban and Salomez.
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13 lots