Geoff & Catherine Cooper (UK)

Wollongong special

In the colony of the English top-racers Geoff and Catharine Cooper, their 1st International Pau 8,572 p. winner, Wollongong, holds a prominent place! This wonder-hen is also (grand)mother of several National top 10 winners. In a top auction: a child and all (double) grandchildren of Wollongong. An eye-catcher is the child of Farmer George (1st Int. Bordeaux) x Wollongong, including several of their grandchildren. But because this super-hen was coupled with Batenburg-VD Merwe, we also see grandchildren of Wollongong x, among others, Special One (1st Int. Barcelona), Lloyd (1st Int. Barcelona), Armando (1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB Verschoot ) and Invinctus (1st European ace pigeon long distance).
Die ist eine geplante Versteigerung. Alle Tauben können angesehen werden, sobald das Bieten beginnt.